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Personalized private banking and investing

Life is complicated. Your finances shouldn’t be.

You need options that not only match your goals, but also who you are.

At ATB Wealth, we believe in understanding your priorities and vision for the future, so we can help you design a wealth plan that feels right and delivers results. With ATB Wealth experts on your side, professional advice is only a phone call—or cup of coffee—away.

Services that may suit you and your family include:

Private banking

Access exclusive accounts, rates and borrowing solutions, including US Dollar accounts and credit.


Grow your wealth with Albertans who share your values, concerns and ways of thinking about money.

Wealth planning

Plan the transfer of your wealth to children, grandchildren and organizations you care about.
It’s time to take advantage of premium banking solutions.

Just starting out? Create your plan online.

With ATB Prosper, you can build a customized, low-fee investment portfolio with live support from real, Alberta-based investment specialists.