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Institutional portfolio management

Personalized service. Practical guidance.

Work with experts who have an unmatched understanding of Alberta’s economy, its challenges and its emerging opportunities.

At ATB Wealth, we help not-for-profits, municipalities, foundations, unions, pensions and Indigenous groups with portfolio management. We serve clients who might not get the attention they deserve from other firms, using our knowledge to maximize your organization’s potential.

Your ATB Wealth advisor and portfolio manager have an insight into the issues that matter to corporations and institutions, including legislation changes, fundraising and capital investment.

Services that your organization may benefit from include:

Institutional portfolio management

Safeguard and cultivate your organization’s investments so it can fulfill its mission and vision.

Business banking and borrowing

Work with ATB Wealth and ATB Business for knowledgeable and empowered business banking.

Group Wealth Services

Improve employee satisfaction with a rewarding group investing and banking program.
Get the help your organization needs.

Navigate your wealth journey.

Get valuable advice and diverse expertise in ATB Wealth’s quarterly feature publication.