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Investing for growth & security

Manage your money with confidence.

Invest with Albertans who share your values, concerns and ways of thinking about money.

Our investment philosophy

At ATB Wealth, we know investing is about more than just your money. It’s about your life and your future, your family’s security, and your happiness.

Our goal is to make investing transparent, so you can make clear and confident financial decisions. We do this by listening to your goals and concerns, charging no “front load” commissions or redemption fees, and applying an approach that addresses your behavioural tendencies.

Custom solutions for every investor

Just starting out? ATB Prosper makes it easy.

Designed for Albertans who have less than $100,000 to invest, ATB Prosper makes it easy to create a plan, start investing, and follow your progress.

Primed to grow: Meet your dedicated financial advisor.

If you have some investments or more complex financial needs, you may appreciate one-on-one consultation from a financial advisor. Your advisor will work with you to design a custom financial plan, manage your investments, connect you with ATB experts, and work with other financial professionals—like your accountant—to help you make smart, timely decisions.

Ready for expert consultation: Our private investment counselors are here to assist.

The private investment counselors at ATB Wealth understand that your investment portfolio is an intrinsic part of a larger consideration: your net worth. When you have considerable wealth, you shouldn’t spend undue time coordinating your professional advisors—they should be simplifying, rather than complicating, your day-to-day.

If you have your own financial advisors, we’ll work with them.

Our goal is to ensure your plan is comprehensive and fits your current and future needs. After all, your team and our team have the same goal in mind: your happiness and success.

Let’s talk about your financial future.

Compass Portfolios: A proven investment process that works.

ATB Investment Management Inc.’s group of investment funds has weathered storms in individual markets and grown steadily because it is diversified by geography, investment type and investment manager.